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You never know when you will suddenly have problems with your car’s ignition key, door, or trunk locks. It is thus important to keep the number of an auto locksmith handy, so anytime and anywhere there is trouble, you know what to do. However, you have to make sure that the party you are calling is someone who truly knows how to solve your problem. With Locksmith Windsor, you will feel confident that you are entrusting your valuable car to professionals who are fully equipped in terms of training and technology to provide the right solution to your car-locking problem.

Auto Locksmith in Windsor

Ready to Help you with Any Car Lock Issues

One of the most common problems motorists face is lost car keys. Our company specialises in this area by using the latest advancements in technology and state of the art tools. We offer lost car keys replacement by either cutting or reprogramming, depending on the central locking unit you are using. Whether you misplaced your key or damaged it, we know how to capably replace it for you.

Aside from lost car keys, one of the most important services we offer is emergency lockout opening. This is another common problem motorists face, and we have set ourselves ready for various kinds of car lock emergencies. Lost or broken keys are a common cause of emergencies, and our mobile team is trained to respond to these in the most efficient manner. Whether the key is left inside the car, or it was stuck in the lock, we promptly assist you alleviating the stressful situation you face. Our team is committed to get you back to driving at the best possible time, using the latest tools and equipment in the industry.

If after misplacing your keys, you are afraid to still use them, we can rekey for lost car keys. This ensures that your vehicle will not be accessed by anyone except yourself or someone you trust.  In addition, we help you with car trunk opening and ignition replacement. Our experts handle locks and ignitions of a wide range of car models. The training and experience over an extensive amount of years have led us to be your one stop source of auto locksmith service.

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