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About Us

About Us
Welcome to our company Locksmith Windsor

We have a dynamic locksmith mobile team for 24 hour emergency locksmith services and guarantee immediate response and excellence. We own advanced equipment and can cover the high tech lock and key needs of all people in Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead with excellence.

Address: Dedworth Rd Windsor
Windsor, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Post Code: SL4 4JN
Phone: +44 020 3695 9385

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We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
We are a top-rated contractor that gives assurance on fast but efficient services to all loyal customers and provides full satisfaction at all times

Excellent professionals for all services

About our company in Royal Borough of Windsor and MaidenheadThe key in the locksmith business is to have the ideal crews and infrastructure. No wonder why these two factors are the priority of Locksmith Windsor. Our company knows what's best for each client. Depending on one's needs, we are able to determine the right solution and have the ability as much as the technical power to provide great services. Since the speed of services as well as their quality both depend on the good preparation, knowledge and expertise of our teams, we invest in them wholeheartedly. Our locksmiths reflect the capacities of our company and we can assure you that our capacities are endless.

We have chosen to work with great professionals, who have knowledge of all British standard locks but also the ability to think out of the box and find smart solutions. Although most problems have fixed solutions, it doesn't hurt to keep an open mind of what customers can do to enhance their security. New locks come to enrich our knowledge and give us fresh ideas. We embrace them all and excel in access control systems and the latest electric bolts and alarm systems. We can install and repair them, but we are also here to give you advice if needed.

Staying close to the client was always important for Locksmith Windsor. When we get to know you better and discuss your needs with you, we can suggest more solutions and find ideal ways to reinforce security. This is one way of showing you we care. We really do! Apart from our expertise, this is one more reason why our services are so accurate and exceed your expectations. We service your Yale, sliding door or even cabinet locks with such attention as if they were our own.

The dedication of our teams is one way of being sure of the results of our work. You can always trust people, who care enough to devote time for more knowledge and won't leave your property until the lock is properly fixed. We aim at perfection because this is who we are, and this is what security requires. After all, this is what customers demand and we always meet their demands. With our fast 24hr locksmith emergency services and day-to-day assistance, you can be sure of our quality and your security.

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